About us

Advance Solar Engineering

The birth of Advance Solar Engineering was founded in September 2018 after more than a years of deep and intensive studies for the Renewable Energy technology with most of the Sectors depending on the solar power generation  of  Electricity  as one  of  its  strategic  sources to generate power,

Due to the current Dilemma of power source generation all over the world and encouraging to GO GREEN (depending on Renewable Energy Sources) plus the advantage of being one of the best cities all over the Pakistan in Sun light intensity all over the year, Pakistan Government started to really encourage and direct investments in this sector which an effective solution to the shortage in power sources in Pakistan.


One primary focus of corporate social responsibility is the environment. Businesses, both large and small, have a large carbon footprint. Any steps they can take to reduce those footprints are considered both good for the company and society.
Use commercial Solar products and equipment that have a low environmental impact while at the same time highly effective. Minimize our consumption of Commercial Electricity.

Quality Management

Advance Solar Engineering team Target to have our name known as a synonym for excellence and reliability
our service values to develop long term relationship with customers based on the quality of delivered services
As Advance Solar Engineering offers a wide range of services, the strength of our company comes largely from our loyal workforce. Because we believe in quality in everything that we do, we make sure that our employs are productive and they are given opportunities for staff development and skills enhancement trainings to become professionals and experts in their field of specializations.