Follow-up: > – the expression Este inside the hebrew means jesus, how would one to become of afro-asiatic options?

The brand new page was at the sort out-of a training in my situation to exhibit a sample out-of cuneiform creating and you may Sumerian phrases so you’re able to an interested public

> where would “ohim” are from whenever u have the fresh new Este? or where El already been >regarding in the 1st place?

There’s absolutely no word Este into the Akkadian, but there are various Akkadian conditions starting with Este that mean ‘high, over, over’.

>I became happy to see your web page into the Sumerian. I’m already building >proverb users during the and you may wondered if >you’d issues posting the proverb web page in the > or if perhaps it’s just >less than build.

>The page from Sumerian proverbs on is actually >sadly truncated; it appears as though the latest publish process was disturbed. >Your readers perform quite enjoy a complete variation!

Disappointed there aren’t even more proverbs indeed there, however it is implied significantly more because an illustration of Sumerian creating and vocabulary than just since the a list of proverbs.